Junior Year Reflection

a. This year I learned to work better under a time limit and expand on my essay writing abilities. I also learned that people are fake.

b. My favorite creative thing that we did this year was the black out poems. It was interesting to see how we can pick out words that stand out to us and everyone finds something different.

c. I am most proud of my op-ed about feminism because I had never really spoken out about my opinion towards the movement because it is an unpopular opinion.

d. My biggest challenge this year was trying to get 80’s and above in APUSH. I procrastinated so much and slacked off because it seemed like too much work but in the end I made it through.

e. I wish someone would have told me at the begining of Junior year that this is not the year to slack off because it is so easy to fall behind and fail because AP is much harder than Pre-AP. Also, it is best to turn in every formative because every little extra point helps.

f. My biggest goal for next year is to keep the pattern going that I’ve been keeping every year to improve my rank. I also plan on having fun and making friends with those I didn’t talk to as much and keep the real friends I have around even after graduation.


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