The Flock

Veterans in today’s society are mistreated, homeless, or suffer from one or more of many mental illnesses. Here’s our story of a bird symbolizing the life of a veteran being unfairly treated.

the flock


3 thoughts on “The Flock

  1. I agree with the main point of your story, like i really like how you made the character join the “flock” to provide for his family. I think a lot of people can connect to it because we all at one point would do what he can for those we love.


  2. The personification in this story was interesting. It reminds of “Mause”, a book about the holocaust. In the story, the characters are portrayed as mice and rats. This personification really helps to make the story more engaging and add more depth. I also like how the story was simple enough for a child to understand, but it still has a greater meaning.


  3. I like the idea of the story and the story itself but I think that as a children’s book, children wouldn’t really understand the real problems veterans face.


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