Reflection on a Semester of Reading and Writing

Dear Mrs. Dille,

Throughout the course of your class this semester, I have learned a lot of things about reading, writing, and even about myself. At the beginning of the semester, I had no idea about some of the issues that were going on in the world. I had no idea that there were many different ways for people to hear my opinion on some of these issues. I didn’t know I liked reading about these real life topics. As a reader, I thought I only liked romantic fiction and anything we were to read in school was boring because it was the complete opposite. I am now a reader of articles, news reports, mystery, and romantic fiction. I didn’t even consider myself a writer at first because I just didn’t like writing. As a writer now, blogging is something that I really like doing because I can express myself in my writing while still having to focus on an assigned topic.

My approach to reading certain types of genres has changed throughout the semester due to the fact that we had to read so many things that I would never have read on my own. For example, I did not like reading anything that had to do with real life issues because I was that ignorant person who thought any issues of the world were boring and had nothing to do with me. However, my attitude towards reading has not changed because I have always liked reading. The only difference now is that I like reading so many more things than just the popular Nicholas Sparks or John Green books. My two favorite pieces that we read in class were the op-eds on why, why not, or to what extent the confederate flag should be removed from public places. They both had very different viewpoints on the subject but both still had very interesting and relevant points for their reasoning. It made it very hard to choose a side because there was so much more to consider.

My approach to writing has also changed.  At first, I hated writing but I think it was mostly because writing in most of my past English classes meant having to present it in front of the class afterwards. What I loved about this class was that through our blogs we could share our writing out with people without having to literally present it to them. Also, I liked being able to express my own opinion and not having to have a very strict outline for our projects. The writing I am most proud of is my I Believe poem. I got to say exactly what I believe about many different things and I didn’t have to worry about having to read it out loud to anyone because they could all read it on their own. A close second would be my feminism op-ed for the same reason and also because I learned a lot through my research and I never thought I could actually write something like it.

My performance in this class was overall pretty good. I think it would have been much better if I would have posted more on my blog during the second six-weeks or posted other projects on time to get more feedback with views and comments. Next semester, I plan to stay on track with my work and plan a little more without procrastination because I feel like I could have done way better on most of my posts if they weren’t done the night before. This class was a lot of fun due to the fact that we each had our own experiences because we had a wide variety of choices for each assignment. As I said before, I liked using blogs because it’s easy to access anyone’s work and it’s easy to turn anything in at anytime even through our phones.

Thank you. I really enjoyed your class this semester.

Natster Radster


Reflective Essay

This six weeks we had to express our opinion on a certain issue being discussed between the voters and politicians in the presidential race through the form of multimedia. As my partner and I searched for a way to get our opinion out on veteran’s benefits, we came across an article about Dr. Suess’s hidden messages in his stories including The Lorax, The Sneeches, and Horton Hears A Who. We were intrigued by all the symbolism we missed as kids and decided on writing a children’s story for our project. We wanted to write a story that showed the hard life of a veteran during and after war to get people to see that veteran’s deserve to be treated better because they risk their lives to help protect us.

Pathos was probably the easiest to include into our story because it was a sad story of a bird who loses it’s wing when he goes on a hunt for food to help the forest and his family. For ethos we had the bird symbolize a person who takes a stand for his family to help them have a better life by joining the forces and risking his life. We want to show that the veterans who go to war do it to protect the country, putting eveyone else before themselves. Therefore, they deserve a lot of respect and any needed help. At first, logos was the hardest to include into our story. With the help of Mrs. Dille was decided to add an author’s note at the end of the story that included statistics over homeless or mentally ill veterans. Although it was not included in our note, the situations that the bird went through after going home were based on true stories we had heard from relatives who are veterans.

Overall, including the stats from my partner’s site, we got about 46 views and 5 comments. Although one person suggested that a children’s book might not have been a good idea due to the fact that I child might not understand the difficulties that veterans face, all of the comments were very positive and they seemed to have enjoyed our story. 


Throughout the process of getting our story together, we learned how to actually write a story easy enough for even a child to understand while still  making it relatable to a real life issue. Something that I might have done differently would be that I might have made it a bit longer and added a little bit more to the rising action because I did hear a couple of times that it was very sudden. I also would have added, like I said earlier, that we had relatives who were veterans who helped contibute in a way to our story.

Based on the comments, I would believe that our story was pretty persuasive. I think that because we made the issue easier to understand through a children’s story, it is way easier for people to see what really happens and want to make that change. I am most proud of the fact that we got this all put together on time and we got a lot of people to read our story.  I am also proud of how we came up with all the symbolism in the story in a short period of time and how we did something different from everyone else.